LimX Dynamics’ P1 Biped Robot Tested In the Forest

 LimX Dynamics’ P1 Biped Robot Tested In the Forest

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Daredevil Mower- The Hybrid Robot Mower


Thank you for tuning in. Subscribe to this channel for the latest in robotics. Robotics 101 is available now. The link is in the comment and description section of this video. The daredevil mower is a hybrid remote controlled lawn mower with a Kohler 9.5HP engine that saves you time keeping your lawn tidy. It has a max speed of 3.11mph forward speed. This mower has a 4 litre tank capacity. It has a cutting width of 55cm with an adjustable cutting height of 2 to 18cm.  The daredevil mower can be operated from 200 meters away. It can overcome slopes up to 45 degrees and comes with many attachment options. Attachments include a snow blower attachment, a sweeper for snow or dirt,  a water dispenser and a snow plow.
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Ottobot Yeti - Robot that delivers food


Robotics company Ottonomy has unveiled Yeti, which it describes as “the first fully autonomous unattended delivery robot on the market”.

Ottonomy claims that the yeti is ideal for curbside, first mile and last mile deliveries, locker integration and automating the return process for retailers.

It's been reported that Ottonomy is focused on innovating and paving the way for efficient and sustainable delivery logistics. With its global pilots throughout 2022, Ottonomy successfully demonstrated autonomous deliveries across a range of terrain and in varying inclement weather conditions, in order to provide sustainable solutions for automating deliveries for multiple use cases at scale.

Mr. Vijay, CEO and co-founder of Ottonomy, has been reportedly quoted as saying: “During the validation processes we ran pilots with airports, retailers and postal services which gave us the deep insights we needed on the most effective use cases and scalability.

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