White Castle Announces Plans To Install Flippy 2 In 100 Locations



 Big news for white castle and miso robotics. According to Miso robotics, White castle  announced plans to further expand its work with Miso Robotics and install Flippy 2 in 100 standalone locations. It’s a tremendous milestone for the partnership between Miso and White Castle. According to Miso, this partnership  began in September 2020 with the deployment of the original Flippy to a White Castle in the Chicagoland area.


Miso robotics claims that after an upgrade to Flippy 2 in November 2021, White Castle’s commitment to Miso’s technology was cemented after seeing an immediate positive impact on daily operations and the productivity of its team members. White castle definitely stands by this robot seeing as it is installing flippy to 100 locations.


It’s also refreshing to know that the flippy is playing a huge role in productivity. With regards to the partnership shared between the two companies, Miso robotics released this comment from Mike Bell-the CEO of Miso Robotics –“We could not be more grateful for the confidence White Castle has shown in us as we enter into the next phase of our partnership. White Castle was the first large brand to embrace our technology and we are thrilled that our Flippy pilot made such a positive impact on their operations that they want to integrate 100 more. We can’t wait to continue on this journey with such an outstanding partner.”


Would be nice to visit a white castle and see these robots working alongside employees . What are your thoughts on this partnership? Let me know in the comment section. Until next time by God’s grace.

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